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Apply for Firewood Bank Funding


For 2022-2023 grantees: Click here to submit your final report.


Of the $8 million allocated for implementation of the firewood bank grant program, an estimated $1.287 million will be made available for FY 2022, with more funding released over the following years. 

Click here for the application.


To apply for this federal funding opportunity, you must be a representative from an eligible firewood bank, or any kind of organization which provides free year-round, seasonal, or emergency firewood in order to heat homes. Firewood banks must also have a bank account, or have a local fiscal sponsor, and unique entity identifier (UEI) to receive funding. If your wood bank does not already have any of these, please see the application requirements page for information on how to get them.


A. Guidelines for Firewood Banks Receiving Funding

Accepting funding for your firewood bank involves making some safety and operational commitments that your bank may or may not already have in place.  Click here for a list of the things we need firewood banks to agree to, in order to receive funding.








B. Bank Account

In order to receive federal funds to support your firewood bank, a bank account is required to be set up in the name of the organization. Requirements may vary by state for opening a bank account for an unincorporated organization, but some instructions can be found here for Chase, here for Bank of America, and here for Wells Fargo. Note that monthly banking fees may be waived by meeting a minimum balance or spending a certain amount periodically, though it depends on the bank. 


If your bank requires an Employer Identification Number (EIN) to set up a bank account, you can easily apply for one from the IRS in minutes. Instructions can be found here. Note that the online portal is only open from 7am – 10pm Monday to Friday, Eastern Standard Time.

C. Unique Entity Identifier

All businesses or organizations awarded federal grants must have a Unique Entity Identifier (UEI). This is a 12-character, alphanumeric value assigned by the federal government that identifies your organization’s name and address. This identifier is free to get and can be received after making an account on and following the steps to receive your UEI. You’ll have the option of registering your entity or getting a unique entity ID.


Select “Get Unique Entity ID” to receive a UEI. For more information see this Quick Start Guide for getting a UEI. A list of valid documents can be found here. The following video from the General Services Administration has more information and explains in detail how to obtain a UEI.








Eligible Expenses

Almost any items needed to run your firewood bank is an eligible expense except for food & drink, entertainment, lobbying, and items over $5,000.

Eligible expenses include chain saws (electric or gas), splitters, tarps, moisture meters, conveyor belts, trailers, wheelbarrows, safety equipment, first aid kits, equipment repair, building materials for firewood sheds or tool sheds, educational materials/activities, sales tax, signage, travel, gas money, and miscellaneous supplies like small tools that cost less than $20. Firewood banks are invited to add other additional items not listed here that they use or think may be helpful. Click here for a downloadable sample budget.

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