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tribal organizations
faith-based organizations

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'22-'23 Grantee

Ancestral Lands Conservation Corp

Kykotsmovi Village, Arizona
Cords Per Year: 700
Homes Served: 500
Funding: $19,403
Ancestral Lands Picture.jpg

Bear Ridge Firewood Bank

Bowler, Wisconsin
Start-up Bank
Projected to Serve 4 Homes
Funding: $8,629
Bowler WI.jpg

Beaverhead Community Wood Bank Ministry Inc.

Dillon, Montana
Cords Per Year: 132
Homes Served: 44
Funding: $20,000
Beaverhead Community.jpg

Bourbon Firewood Bank

Bourbon, Missouri
Start-up Bank
Projected to Serve 9 Homes
Funding: $9,900

Brandt Services Firewood Bank

Monticello, Utah
Cords Per Year: 40
Homes Served: 30
Funding: $19,999
Brandt Services.jpg

Community Housing Improvement Project (CHIP, Inc) Firewood Bank

Newcastle, Maine
Cords Per Year: 15
Homes Served: 15
Funding: $3,824

Crossfire United Methodist Church Wood Ministry

Yadkinville, North Carolina
Cords Per Year: 30
Homes Served: 25
Funding: $2,421

Dine Baadeiti - For the People

Tuba City, Arizona
Cords Per Year: 500
Homes Served: 500
Funding: $19,027

Downeast Lakes Land Trust

Grand Lake Stream, Maine
Cords Per Year: 20
Homes Served: 25
Funding: $9,458
Downeast 1 (1).jpg

Elko Band Council

Elko, Nevada
Start-up Bank
Projected to Serve 20 Homes
Funding: $9,685
elko band.jpeg

Ely Shoeshone Tribe Firewood Bank

Ely, Nevada
Start-up Bank
Projected to Serve 30 Homes
Funding: $9,990

'22-'23 Grantee

Gallup First Church of the Nazarene

Gallup, New Mexico
Cords Per Year: 140
Homes Served: 140
Funding: $12,099
Nazarene Picture_edited.jpg

'22-'23 Grantee

Hinton Rural Life Center

Hayesville, North Carolina
Cords Per Year: 474
Homes Served: 207
Funding: $19,920

Hinton Rural Life Center is a Christian retreat center located in southern Appalachia. Their community outreach efforts led them to see that one of the barriers to people accessing stable housing is poor credit scores due to unpaid heat bills. In 2013, Hinton decided to start a firewood ministry to provide heating to community members in need. The ministry has grown tremendously. On “Firewood Wednesdays” in colder months, Hinton volunteers or
“woodchuckers” are in the wood lot processing and loading wood for those who physically and/or financially need support. Last year Hinton’s “woodchuckers” processed 385 cords of wood for 205 families.

Hinton Rural Life Center Picture.jpg

'22-'23 Grantee


Second Mesa, Arizona
Cords Per Year: 350
Homes Served: 2,000
Funding: $20,000

Koho4Hopi is a non-profit that was started by Matt Honanie and his wife to help the Hopi people. The Kayenta Coal Mine had recently closed and people didn’t have a reliable source of energy to heat their homes. Today they are partners in Wood for Life, a partnership that uses wood from forest restoration efforts to fuel indigenous communities that rely on firewood to heat their homes. Prior to the grant, the biggest issue for Koho4Hopi was how to move wood more efficiently. 

Koho4Hopi Picture.jpg

'22-'23 Grantee

Firewood Bank of the Ruby Valley

Sheridan, Montana
Cords Per Year: 140
Homes Served: 45
Funding: $20,000

The community’s firewood bank, is located about one mile outside of Sheridan, Montana, a small town (700 population) known as the “heart of the Ruby Valley.” A local rancher generously donated about an acre of ground to the firewood bank “in perpetuity," where wood is processed and stored. The volunteers at the Ruby Valley firewood bank work 2-3 days a week to keep up with the need. Logs are purchased from a local supplier and the wood bank processes over 120 cords of wood. A simple financial screening process is used to determine eligibility but no one is turned away if they are in need. According to Frank Ford, the Ruby Valley’s Executive Director, “if someone is in need, or if they got hurt or are sick, we take care of them.”

Ruby Valley picture.jpeg

Midcoast Wood Bank

Topsham, Maine
Start-up Bank
Projected to Serve 30 Homes
Funding: $9,448

'22-'23 Grantee

Nez Perce Tribe Supplemental Firewood Program

Lapwai, Idaho
Cords Per Year: 400
Homes Served: 200
Funding: $19,995

The Nez Perce Senior Citizen’s Firewood Program, managed through the Nez Perce Forestry and Fire Management Division, provides firewood to senior citizens, elders, and other eligible participants within their community. 

Nez Perce Picture_edited.jpg

Niweskok Wood Shed

Northport, Maine
Start-up Bank
Projected to Serve 10 Homes
Funding: $8,048

'22-'23 Grantee

Oglala Lakota Cultural & Economic Revitalization Initiative (OLCERI)

Pine Ridge, South Dakota
Cords Per Year: 300
Homes Served: 150
Funding: $19,991

The Ogalala Lakota Cultural and Economic Revitalization Initiative (OLCERI) is a 501 (c)(3) that focuses on local community self-sufficiency. They have been in operation for 17 years. They have a large bunking area (including a sawmill on site) and take logs (insect or fire killed trees) by the semi-load, harvested from forests on the reservation. OLCERI prioritizes delivery to elders and disabled people first, then to single parent households. OLCERI has a drying shed that holds 14 cords and uses plastic liquid totes (each holds ½ cord of wood) that can double as delivery boxes. OLCERI cuts out the bladder and uses it as a roof, helping keep the wooddry.

Oglala Picture.jpg

'22-'23 Grantee

Pikunivi Wood Haulers 

Second Mesa, Arizona
Cords Per Year: 130
Homes Served: 240
Funding: $14,992

The Pikunivi Wood Haulers (PKH) began distributing wood in the fall of 1997 as a for-profit business. In 2019, they partnered with Chizh for Cheiis, a grassroots organization, to help provide free firewood for high risk elders on the Navajo nation. Last year PKH worked with Red Feather, a non-profit organization to provide 91 cords of firewood to 183 families in need through its Hopi emergency firewood program. PVH is doing important work. According to PKH owner Charleston Lewis, “I’ve been inside some of these houses, some are very poor; there are busted windows, no insulation. It’s very sad when you go to some houses and see they are burning furniture or even old shoes. People are very thankful for the wood.”

Pikunivi Picture.jpg

Pyramid Lake Tribal Elders Emergency Firewood Assistance Program

Nixon, Nevada
Cords Per Year: 99
Homes Served: 13
Funding: $14,755
Pyramid Lake.png

Shoshone Bannock Tribes
Firewood Program

Fort Hall, Idaho
Cords Per Year: 400
Homes Served: 200
Funding: $20,000
Screenshot (121).png

South Fork Band Council

Spring Creek, Nevada
Start-up Bank
Projected to Serve 20 Homes
Funding: $9,988
South Fork.png

Start A Spark of Central Virginia, Inc.

Troy, Virginia
Cords Per Year: 20
Homes Served: 20
Funding: $9,899
startaspark (1).jpg

Swan Valley Connections

Condon, Montana
Cords Per Year: 20
Homes Served: 20
Funding: $9,918
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