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Visit this page frequently throughout 2024-2025 as we add this year's grantees! 

CommunityWorx Firewood Ministry | Dot Lake Village Firewood Bank Program | Goochland Rotary Club Woodchuckers | Great Oaks Firewood | Rocky Mountain Youth Corps Wood Bank | Winema Firewood

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Explore our map of grantees below, containing all firewood banks funded to date. 

tribal organizations
faith-based organizations

private business with non-profit arm


CommunityWorx Firewood Ministry

Maryville, TN
Cords Per Year: 150
Homes Served Per Year: 35
Funding: $14,995

The Firewood Ministry is one of the four programs operated by CommunityWorx. A faith-based nonprofit, CommunityWorx has been involved in coordinating local mission work in Blount County, TN, since 2004. In 2018, the Firewood Ministry was added to the services offered to Blount County community members in need. The firewood bank was started after a large oak tree had to be cut down in the Director’s yard. At the same time CommunityWorx began getting calls from people in need of firewood to heat their homes. They now have 38 volunteers. Grant funds purchased PPE, 2 wood splitters, and a shed to store firewood bank tools.

Screenshot (215).png

Dot Lake Village Firewood Bank Program

Fairbanks, AK
Start-up Bank
Projected to Serve 4 Homes
Funding: $10,000

Dot Lake Village is a small native tribe. They have many residents and tribal members in their village that utilize wood as a primary source of heat. Many of these individuals are below the federal poverty limit or are elderly. This start-up firewood bank will coincide with their newly created food pantry. They have 5 committed volunteers. Grant funding will help Dot Lake Village purchase PPE, a chainsaw, construction materials for a shed, a wood splitter, and additional insurance.  

Dot Lake Village pic.jpeg

Goochland Rotary Club Woodchuckers

Manakin-Sabot, VA
Cords Per Year: 60
Homes Served Per Year: 35
Funding: $9,573

The "Woodchucking" program of the Rotary Club of Goochland is one of their largest and most impactful community service projects. The program began in 2003 after Hurricane Isabel left many trees uprooted. Members of the rotary decided to cut and remove these trees for the community and found 6-8 families that could benefit from the firewood. Last season, 40 members volunteered their time to the project. They partner with GoochlandCares, a non-profit that screens and qualifies community members for the firewood bank. Grant funding is going towards purchasing a wood splitter, a chainsaw, repairs for their firewood bank truck, and gas cards for delivery drivers.

Goochland pic.jpg

Great Oaks Firewood

Summerville, SC
Start-up Bank
Projected to Serve 100 Homes
Funding: $10,278

Great Oaks Firewood is a non-profit that has gathered 5 active volunteers to begin the firewood bank. They have verbal commitments from 7 more. Their mission statement reads, "Empowering communities with warmth and sustainability, our firewood bank strives to efficiently distribute and manage firewood resources, ensuring equitable access while promoting environmental stewardship and community resilience." Grant funds will help Great Oaks Firewood purchase 3 chainsaws, 2 log splitters, PPE, and a grapple attachment. 

Great Oaks Firewood pic.png

Rocky Mountain Youth Corps Wood Bank

Taos, NM
Cords Per Year: 100
Homes Served Per Year: 100
Funding: $15,000

The Rocky Mountain Youth Corps (RMYC) Wood Bank partners with the Carson National Forest, Taos Ski Valley, Americorps, and other northern New Mexico land managing agencies. The Corps' Conservation Program contributes to the replenishment of the firewood bank. They have been distributing firewood for 15 years. RMYC sees the firewood bank as an initiative that not only benefits individuals and families facing heating challenges but also addresses overgrown forests and supports land management agencies projects. Grant funds will go towards purchasing a wood splitter, a cant hook, 7 chainsaws, a shipping container for storage, and 18 smoke/CO detectors for firewood bank recipients. 

RMYC pic.jpeg

Winema Firewood

Beatty, OR
Cords Per Year: 210
Homes Served Per Year: 147
Funding: $15,000

Winema Firewood is a non-profit that partners with a local food bank, Sprauge River Bridge Connection and the Klamath Tribes. The firewood bank began in 2021 when the President of the organization found out about a family that had run out of firewood mid-winter. He found 2 cords of wood for them and delivered it free of charge. Once word spread, it became apparent that this was not a unique situation- many needed emergency firewood to get them through the cold. The firewood bank's mission is, "To provide warmth and support to those in need by supplying free firewood, fostering community resilience, and promoting sustainable forestry practices."  They have 6 full-time volunteers. The funding from the grant  will allow Winema Firewood to purchase a chainsaw, a skid-steer track and grapple bucket, and gas for equipment. 

Winema Firewood pic.jpg
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