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2024-2025 Grant Information

Recently the Alliance for Green Heat announced the third year of funding for firewood banks on their blog, Heated Up!. What will these grants look like?

Starting on May 1st, 2024, applications for "new" and start-up firewood bank grants can be found on the Apply Now page. The application for renewal grants will be live on the same page beginning September 1st, 2024.

Why the two separate application dates? Staging the applications into two starting dates will allow the Alliance for Green Heat team to process the applications more efficiently. In year two the firewood bank funding had become better known and AGH had a rush of applications to process when the program opened. Focusing on "new" and start-up banks first will reduce the workload, allowing the AGH team to spend more time and better serve firewood bank applicants. AGH is also prioritizing growing the network of firewood banks funded, helping to spread the funding around the country.

What does the USFS funding look like?

  • $864,580 goes to firewood banks in the form of grants (83%)

  • $150,400 for administration (14%)

  • $17,682 for indirect costs (2%)

  • $6,000 for travel to firewood banks for site visits (1%)

    • This is required and AGH loves connecting in-person with firewood banks, learning from them and better understanding how to serve them. 

  • $3,000 to distribute EPA Burn Wise materials (<1%) TOTAL: $1,041,662 from USFS for FY2025

On the horizon, a new USDA project partnership with the Alliance for Green Heat will help bolster efforts to assist firewood banks in expanding their services in their community, lead efforts in securing more funding, and fight for equity for this heat source. More information is coming soon!

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